katherines adventures

A tale of a man in a woman's body

Tuesday, March 07, 2006

In the vast panoply of sexual imaginations, it is an object which, by its size, realism of the forms, and - for the top-of-the-range models - by texture even, seems to me stranger and worrying at the same time. I want to speak about the inflatable doll.In this case, it is not of these additives to the pleasure the such sex-toys but a complete substitute which transmutes a simple object into " anybody " with whole share.This last title acts of the completed representation a woman, the inflatable doll is capable to crystallize a form emotional investment very capably.When even I can conceive the undeniable practical advantages of them " : always available, dumb, never opposing, without states heart; able all to hear and all to undergo : in short, with the eyes of some... the perfect woman !
Consequently, where the border between imagination, phantasmagoria is and pure is delirious?
Which can a man having for partner’be psychology D such a creature ?
Can with go, for certain between them, this form addiction ?
Go, Messrs Frankenstein modern ; still a small effort, some added printed circuits and soon it will do the housework, the crockery, sharpening and, why not, will also be used as artificial belly to carry in its plasticized sides a baby test-tube !

I acknowledge to quiver while thinking of all these women with big tits who are made customised with all goes to great lengths to have injections of silicone and whose single and standardized model resembles that of the Barbie headstock…
Or when reality is started to join the fiction !


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