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Sunday, November 19, 2006

Breaking the cycle

No nothing to do with pedal cycles, but breaking the cycle of my drinking. I'd spoken to one of the counsellors from the Priory who sometimes attends one of my local meetings last week and she'd pointed out that this was what I needed to do - I got into a cycle of gettnig myself into a state when the girls weren't here, then drinking - I needed to break that cycle.

I managed to do that this weekend - lots of prayers, and keeping myself busy were the keys. As a result I had a really great weekend. WE did a fair bit of socialising and Alan was considerably better than in previous weeks - basically the whole weekend was great.

The girls are due on Friday for the first weekend in the new fortnightly cycle - I'm determined to keep sober and I know that to achieve this I'm going to have to up my meetings and get in more regular contact with my sponsor - that's the goal for this week.


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